Vedic Astrology Foundation assists you in identifying the most auspicious muhurtha for any important event/occasion or work that you wish to undertake.

“Muhurtha” is Sanskrit word. Specifically, a muhurtha is a period of 48 minutes, and there are 30 such muhurthas in a day. These moments are sometimes compared to flowing water with ups and downs and ins and outs, and so there are certain moments when the flow of time is favorable and when the flow of time is unfavorable. It is, therefore, important to choose the right moment to begin a new project as this will affect the outcome of that endeavor.

Few of the important activities where muhurtha check can be applied are :-

  • 1. Namakarana (Naming Ceremony)
  • 2. AnnaPrasana (Feeding Rice)
  • 3. Karna-Vedha (Ear Piercing)
  • 4. Tonsure (Shaving head)
  • 5. Akshararambha (Start education)
  • 6. Starting Studies/ Exam Preparations
  • 7. Applying for a job, Attending Interview, Joining Date
  • 8. Meeting Higher Authorities, People in Power or Influence
  • 9. Starting a medical treatment
  • 10. Digging wells, Tube well, Tanks etc.
  • 11. House : Laying Foundation, Start Construction and Grihapravesa
  • 12. Buying and Selling: Vehicles, Jewels, Properties
  • 13. Finance: Taking Loan & Giving Loan
  • 14. Dividing Property or Partition
  • 15. Making a compromise treaty
  • 16. Opening a shop
  • 17. Starting commercial activity
  • 18. Incorporating a company
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