Each and every individual to have their own journey of life and the palm lines actually decode the dynamism of the journey. The unknown fact is that the lines of the palm changes as a person grow older and along with those lines the fate also takes its own shape. In fact, even the shape, size, length, and colour of your fingers have to be taken into account while making predictions in palmistry. The study is not transitory rather it has to go on forever until the last breath of the individual.

Palmistry is an enthralling field of study. Apart from all these various mounts and lines, the palm of a person’s hand also depicts a number of markings, each of which has a profound meaning. A palmist while predicting an individual’s fate should consider all these aspects and then judge a person’s character.

The Major Palm Lines:
Palmistry life line
Palmistry heart line
The headline
Palmistry fate line
Palmistry Money line

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